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General Information
Event   Seminar on Consultation System and Strong Governance (強政勵治) of New CE
Place   5/F, South China Building 1-3 Wyndham Street, Central District, Hong Kong.
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2005/09/08
Start time   PM 07:15
Close time   PM 09:30



Seminar on Consultation System and Strong Governance (強政勵治) of New CE on 8th SEP 2005 (by Anthony Cheung & Kai-Man Wong)


Speakers: Professor Anthony Cheung

                Mr. Wong Kai Man

Date: 8th September 2005

Time: 7:15pm – 9:30pm

Venue: 5/F, South China Building 1-3 Wyndham Street, Central District, Hong Kong.

Charge (Dinner included): HKD200 (HKUGA member or student) or HKD220 (Non-HKUGA member).

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Our New CE, Sir Donald Tsang and his governing team seemingly give all Hong Kong people a new hope to have an effective, responsive, capable but pragmatic government. In the beginning of first few months of Donald’s regime, a completely different style with Mr. Tung’s government has really been shown to us. Responses to citizens’ need and public concerns are quick. That is the so-called “Strong and positive governance” (強政勵治).

The most obvious success is his team’s economic policy, which is simple but nothing new and has been familiar to Hong Kong people. That is a “property-market-led” expansionary economic policy. It may be controversial but effective to revitalize the economy and enhance people’s consumption confidence in a very short time.

However, not long enough, a series of new troubles / issues and negative messages begin to taint the Honeymoon relationship between Tsang and his citizens. It may be normal and healthy in every open and diversified society. Those troubles or issues may include: West Kowloon Project, CE’s executive order, Political reform for 07 and 08 election, Medical care reform, WTO meeting of Ministries, and Positioning of Hong Kong, etc, etc.

In the old days, Hong Kong has a reasonably effective consultation system to absorb opinions and advices from the society’s elites and professionals into the decision-making process of the government. In Tung’s regime, participants and the public had been very disappointed with that system as it failed to function well. Many people felt they are unable to participate in or incorporate their views into the decision-making process of the government.

Facing with mountains of important issues, will our CE become more open to absorb views and advices through the consultation system or just work out his plan in an “effective” manner without inviting participation? Could the merits of that system in the past continue to benefit us now? Those are some of the most concerned questions our members may want to know more.

Professor Anthony Cheung of City University of Hong Kong is a pronounced scholar on the research of government operation. His profound knowledge shall shed some light to us and he will present his view on the new regime.  Mr. Wong Kai Man, a senior member of HKUGA graduated in 70s, has served in a number of government consultative committees for a long time and has an in-depth understanding of the operation. We are very honored to have invited them to be the speakers of our seminar which may include the below topics:

  1. An analysis on the consultative system in HK, its past, present and future. (including the Consultative Committees and Statutory Committees).;
  2. Its importance to the governance of HK;
  3. Role of the consultation system in New CE’s governance.
  4. How professionals or citizens may prepare themselves to contribute to HK through joining these committees or committees in Trade associations or else;

As we, HKU graduates are all making Hong Kong as our Home, we care very much about the future and governance of Hong Kong. So, HKUGA urges members to join this seminar. And we believe many senior members who have already joined the system may have very good experiences and views to share with others.  It is to encourage more members to contribute to the seminar and thus better governance of HK by exploring an approach or direction for them to prepare themselves.

For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact:

1.      Mr. S K Li at 91069072 and or

2.      Ms. Amanda Lim at 96411388 and or

3.      Mr. Brain Leung at 94747994 and or


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