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Event   Arts Trip to Portugal
Place   Portugal
Organiser   HKU Museum Society

Dates and Times
Dates   2005/10/01
Start time   AM 12:00
Close time   PM 10:59


The HKU Museum Society has a cultural trip to Portugal from 1 to 10 October and would like to see if any of our HKUGA members would be interested to join this trip?  It is not the usual tours you get in HKG as there will be more cultural contents in terms of sights to be visited and in terms of lecture contents.  There will be a pre-trip dinner - but this will be a lecture/dinner in Hong Kong before the trip.


Trip: Portugal

Reflections on traveling in the Iberian Peninsula seem to begin and end with Spain. While Portugal has much to offer, it has often been overlooked. With their coastlines and strategic location abutting Europe's western side, both Spain and Portugal were maritime powers in their heyday. The maritime power gave both the needed resources to build monasteries and museums, to develop their own unique art forms and to enjoy sangria and port wine.

Our autumn trip to Portugal will be a blend of the old and the new, creating an itinerary that will showcase the best of each of the places we will visit. We will take in various World Heritage sites, explore medieval palaces, awaken our taste buds to real Portuguese food and wine, and listen to the sounds of this remarkable country.

In Lisbon, we will visit heritage sites such as the Jerominos Monastery and the Tower of Belem. We will visit Alfama, a medieval section steeped in Moorish architecture, yet famous for typical Portuguese fados. We will visit Sintra, a town full of palaces. Fatima is a religious centre where pilgrims from around the world congregate. We will end our trip in Oporto, home of the famous port wine.

At press time, details for this trip are still being finalized and will be made available as soon as they are ready. Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining this trip, please check the appropriate box in the attached tear sheet and return it to us.

Date: Saturday, 1 October to Tuesday, 11 October 2005
At press time, the itinerary and costs of this trip are being finalized.
Place: Details will be posted and emailed to all members. Please indicate your interest by filling in the tear sheet located in the centerfold.
Limit: 24

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