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Event   HKUGA Young Member Talk Series - Talk No. 2 - Stress Management
Place   HKUGA Premises
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2006/03/23
Start time   PM 07:30
Close time   PM 09:00


HKUGA Young Member Talk Series - Talk No. 2 -  壓力處理 Stress Management

This talk aims at enhancing graduates' awareness of stress arising from work and introducing the possible ways to deal with it.


心理治療師 毛樂詩小姐 
Ms Rashidah Mootee, Psychotherapist

B.A. (Psych.), U.N.E., Cert. (Couns.), J.C.U., Australia


澳 洲占士谷大學心理 輔 導 證 書

Date: 23 March 2006

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Venue: HKUGA Premises, 21/F, No. 1, Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan

Participation Fees: $30 for HKUGA Member; $50 for non-members


Outline of the talk:
1.    Understanding the nature of stress

2.    Recognizing the symptoms of stress
3.    Effective stress management techniques
4.    Discussion time, including Q&A


Rashidah Mootee practices as a Psychotherapist where she provides counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and adolescents.  She also provides stress management training workshops for corporate employees.

Rashidah holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, conferred by The University of New England, Australia, and a Certificate of Counselling, conferred by James Cook University, Australia.

Rashidah has worked in the corporate sector for many years where she has held middle to senior management positions, both in Hong Kong and Australia.  She has also spent some time in voluntary counselling work for several non-profit organizations.  Immediately prior to the establishment of her counselling practice in 2001, Rashidah was employed by The Law Society of Hong Kong as Assistant Director of the Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Scheme for nearly eight years.  She left the Law Society in order to pursue her long term passion in providing counselling and psychotherapy as well corporate stress management services.

In counselling and/or psychotherapy, Rashidah applies clinically tested psychotherapeutic techniques such as person-centred therapy, cognitive therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy.  Her counselling motto is “Professional, Confidential, and Compassionate”.    Counselling and psychotherapy are immensely beneficial in helping people resolve issues and inner conflicts, as well as a means of personal development.  

Stress management has “come of age” in recent years where people have become more conscious of the impact of stress upon their well-being, both psychologically and physically, and the apparent and important connection between the mind and the body.   Rashidah delivers, as far as possible, her stress management training in an informal and interactive mode, the purpose of which is to provide participants with a relaxed and supportive environment where they feel comfortable enough to discuss and voice their workplace issues.

Rashidah employs stress management strategies which are objective in terms of the application of well-researched and clinically proven techniques. Many studies show that mismanaged or unmanaged long-term stress can either directly or indirectly give rise to serious physical illnesses such as cancer, coronary heart disease, arthritis, allergies, and asthma, as well as psychological and behavioural problems such as chronic anxiety, depression, phobias, and obsessive compulsive behaviour.   

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