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Event   HKUGA Policy Group Lunch (10/10 Tue) - Population Policy
Place   Chinese Bank Club, 5/F Central
Organiser   HKUGA Policy Group

Dates and Times
Dates   2006/10/10
Start time   PM 12:45
Close time   PM 02:00


HKUGA Policy Group Lunch (10/10 Tue) - Population Policy

The Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration recently published a public engagement document (the Document) on HK's Population Policy.

No Retirement at 60!

The Document shows that Hong Kong's population is experiencing a continuous ageing trend (see figure attached) and a declining birth rate (half that of UK and US!). I am sure that many of our members, including young members, would have a lot to tell in terms of their preferred retirement plans; yet the Document pointed out a need for all of us to consider extending our working life to ensure the sustainable development of the city!

From Housewife to Working Woman

The Document further suggested the need for family-friendly working environment, in order to unleash the society's hidden human capital - housewives - for the benefit of both the society and individuals.

We have invited Mr.CHUA Hoi-wai, member of the Support Group on Population Policy to the SDC, to share with us the views expressed by various organizations since the publication of the Document. We could also share our views and expectation on formulation of this broad and important policy with far-reaching effect to all of us. (note: any views on the Document could be submitted to the SDC before 31 Oct 06)

Date        :  10 Oct 2006 (Tue)
Time        :  12:45 - 2:00 pm

Venue      :  Chinese Bank Club, 5/F South China Bldg, 1-3 Wynham St, Central

Guest       : Mr. Chua Hoi-wai, 

                 HKU Engineering Graduate 1988;

                 Business Director (Policy Advocacy and International Networks), HKCSS;

                 Member of Support Group on Population Policy, SDC

Enquiry : WONG Chuen-fai 9622 0207, Allen FUNG 9256 1821

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