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General Information
Event   HKUGA 31st ANNIVERSARY Dinner - 2 JUNE 2007
Place   East Lake Restaurant at Causeway Bay
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2007/06/02
Start time   PM 06:00
Close time   PM 10:00


HKUGA 31st Anniversary Dinner June 2, 2007


10th Anniversary of the return of HK's Sovereignty to China: A review and Preview



HKUGA is one of the largest and most established alumni bodies of HKU.  Since 1973, HKUGA has been growing with membership covering graduates of the 1970’s to 2000's, and from almost every faculty. 


We are happy  to announce HKUGA’s 31st Anniversary Dinner to be held  on  2nd JUNE 2007 (Saturday), and would invite you to join this joyful gathering. 


Much has happened in the world and in Hong Kong in the past 10 years.  We have witnessed the Asian economic down turn, the dot com boom and burst, the 911 incident and SARS, as well as the recent direct debate between the candidates standing for the Chief Executive election.  How should Hong Kong position itself to face the challenge of this rapid changing world?  How should one respond effectively and proactively for a brighter future? 


HKUGA’s annual dinner is designed to  provide a perfect platform for fellow members and friends to meet old and new acquaintances, to exchange viewpoints and experience on the above questions and to say hello to one another. We are most happy to have invited Mr. Leung Chun Ying as  our guest of honour to share his view on the above topics with us. We are also honoured to have Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, Vice Chancellor, HKU to grace the occasion.. 


Make sure you do not miss this annual reunion.  Mark your dairy and, register NOW by clicking   ), and bring your friends, family and mentees.




Honorable Speaker:

Mr. Leung Chun Ying, Convenor of the Executive Council 行政會議召集人梁振英先生



10th Anniversary of the return of HK's Sovereignty to China: A Review and Preview 香港回歸十周年回顧與展望 



2nd June 2007 (Saturday)


Venue: East Lake Restaurant at Causeway Bay





Starting at 6:00pm

Closing at 10:00pm



HKUGA Members @HK$450;

Children of HKUGA Members (below 18) @HK$280;

Non-HKUGA Members @HK$480;

HKU students @HK$350;


Seating: Assigned under the table masters’ tables or free seating tables.


Registration: Through the listed table master or online registration

Online registration: Please click



For online registration for the assigned tables, please mark the table master's name under the remark box.


Payment method: To be informed after confirmation of the registration.


Registration Deadline: 25th MAY 2007


General Enquiries: Janus Lee (92623183)

Director of HKUGA Annual Dinner 2007



Table Master List

- Click the name to send email to

- Mobile phone numbers in brackets


Andrew Fung - HKUGA Primary School (93166263)

Andrew Fung - HKUGA College (93166263)

Vivian Pau - HKUGAEF (91071392)

CF Man (96836527)

Amanda Lim (96411388)

Allen Fung + Pak To

Allen Fung - 80's members

Victor Tsang (93535350)

Janus Lee (92623183)

Janus Lee - HKU SPACE

CM Mak (90901205)
CF Wong (96220207)
Ringo Li (94082601)
Victor Ng + Henry Kong – GAP Toastmaster  / (Victor : 97759349)
Victor Ng - Micom (90207237)

Victor Ng - Micom (90207237)
SK Li (91069072)
Mabel Ng – JCIHK 
Winnie Tang +
Carl Yau – Class of 90's (Carl : 94380743)
Wilton Fok – Scout 229 (93676877)

Wilton Fok – Old's Hall (93676877)
Winnie Lai – DAAO (92262930)
David Hui (90405522)
Teresa Tong (91988717)
Jimmy Lo (94377094)


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