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General Information
Event   Visit to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum - An event for all family members! on 23rd JUN 2007
Place   Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2007/06/23
Start time   AM 10:00
Close time   PM 12:00


Visit to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum - An event for all family members!


A highly visitor-oriented museum, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum will offer a diverse range of dynamic and interactive exhibitions and programmes to engage visitors in enjoyable and educational experiences as they appreciate the valuable artefacts on display.


Date: 23rd JUN 2007 (SAT)

Time: AM - TBC

Venue: TBC

Charge: TBC


Deadline of Registration: 20th JUN 2007


Contact: Victor Tsang / 93535350; Amanda Lim / 96411388; Wilton Fok / 93676877


For the adults

-          Hong Kong Toy Story : introduces the development of local toys and allows you to recapture some childhood memories.



-          Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall : showcasing the operatic treasures of our museum, including some valuable items once used by renowned Cantonese Opera artists


For the children

-          The gallery consists of eight learning playzones that let the children roam through the Mai Po Marshes, penetrate deep underground and dive into the ocean to get to know birds, insects and sea creatures.



-          They can take a look at the work of local archaeologists and discover for themselves the artifacts excavated in Hong Kong in a series of games specially conceived for them.

-          Plus, they can explore life in a traditional New Territories village, make friends with other children and play some old but exciting and challenging games with their families.




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