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General Information
Event   Fundamental Wine Tasting Workshop
Place   Fresco Restaurant at G/Flr., No. 79 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, HONG KONG.
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2007/07/11
Start time   PM 07:30
Close time   PM 09:30



Introduction: During the workshop, the speaker, Mr. Stephen Lee, will be presenting a selection of six different wines of white and red, from light-bodied grassy Sauvigon Blanc with crispy note, to medium bodied with floral, vanilla and earthy Chardonay, for the red we will start with a hint of cherry, sophisticated and elegant Pinot-Noir, to full-bodied spicy, powerful Shiraz. In addition, he will be leading us to see the importance of wine and food matching.

About the Speaker: Mr. Stephen Lee has 15 years experience in wine-tasting and has been giving lectures on wine tasting for various corporations such as Winterthur Life, Kowloon Shangrila Hotel, China Life Insurance, Platinum Club, I-Way International etc.

Contents of the Workshop:

  1. Along History
  2. Viticulture and Wine Region
  3. Four Steps of Wine Tasting – sight, smell, tasting, breathing
  4. Behind the Label
  5. Selection of Wine – area of production, classification, price, conditions of the wines, reference
  6. Knowledge of Storage and Serving wine
  7. Wine etiquette
  8. Wine Investment – a new way for capital growth
  9. Smell and Tell

Duration:  7:30p.m.- 9:30p.m. (2 hours)

Speaker:  Mr. Stephen Lee

Date:  11 July 2007

Quota:  30 (First-come-first-served)

Fee:  HK$280 for HKUGA members and HK$320 for non-members (incl. 6 kinds of wine, and Snacks provided)


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