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Event   Humanities Day – HKUGA College
Place   HKUGA College
Organiser   HKUGA College

Dates and Times
Dates   2007/07/06
Start time   PM 03:30
Close time   PM 09:30


Invitation to Humanities Day – HKUGA College

Humanities Day – 6th July, 2007

On 22nd May, 2007, Mr. Archie McGlynn, HM Chief Inspector of Schools (Scotland) from 1987 – 2000, currently Director of the Hong Kong Schools Self-Evaluation Network, paid a visit to our school.  We give you below an extract of his observation.

Some Thoughts on the Humanities Programme

My first study and observation of the Humanities Programme points to a learning and teaching approach that is, at once, innovative and enriching in the manner in which it stimulates and motivates both students and teachers.  The freshness of the style and format brings about a sense of personal and collective achievements to students – and reinforces the view that ‘learning should be enjoyable’.

… The four year programme is well thought out.  I like, in particular, the emphasis on enquiry based learning – posing issues and questions to be explored jointly by students and staff – and self-evaluation by students of their own learning and that of their peers.”

We are greatly encouraged by his comments, in particular that we should share with parents and others schools because he considers that this is the direction all teaching and learning should be heading. 

Based on this, we will be organizing a Humanities Day presented by our students on Friday, 6th July, 2007.


Assembly Hall, 3rd Floor, HKUGA College, 9 Nam Fung Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Topics covered in S1:  ‘the universe and the advent of time’, ‘the Solar System and earth’, ‘the origin of life’ and ‘man’s entrance into society and politics’.  A comparative cultural study between Hong Kong and Macau was also carried out.  Students will share with you their valuable experience through presentations, debates, quizzes, songs and lyrics, poems, broadsheets, portfolios, performance in tests and examinations.


3:30 p.m.


 Tea Reception

4:00 p.m.


 Opening Ceremony

4:15 p.m.


 Presentations by Students

6:15 p.m.


 Presentations by Students

9:00 p.m.


 Inter-Class Debate

9:30 p.m.



You are cordially invited to attend the above event to see for yourselves all our children’s learning in Humanities in the past year.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Dorothy M. C. Chan (Mrs.)


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