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General Information
Event   HKUGA Policy Group - Monthly Lunch at Jubilee Restaurant (13 March)
Place   G/F., 12-13 Jubilee Street, Hong Kong.
Organiser   Policy Group, HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2009/03/13
Start time   PM 12:30
Close time   PM 02:00


HKUGA Policy Group - Monthly Lunch (Friday,13 March)

WANTED - Builders for a Better Hong Kong

Following our recent series of seminars and talks, quite a number of members suggested that we should consider doing more (eg consolidate and channel our views and constructive proposal to appropriate parties) in view of the current situation of Hong Kong.  

1.           FOCUS TEAMS

To echo with this good intention to contribute in building a better Hong Kong, we 搞搞者們 proposed to set up three focus groups/teams to walk the extra miles:

1.1         HK governance team - with focus on public governance issues of Hong Kong.  So far, Patrick TSANG, Allen FUNG, Amanda LIM and CF WONG have pledged to join;

1.2         Finance concern team - with focus on issues about economy, development strategy and financial sector related to Hong Kong.  So Far, Charles LO, Victor NG and Ian CHU have pledged to join;

1.3         Promotion of Chinese value team - with focus on promotion of Chinese values.  So far, we have C. F. Man and S. K. Li have pledged to join;

2          ACTIVITIES:

In addition to seminars / luncheons we hold regularly, the focus teams will also try to:

2.1         Visit officials, legco members and elites in the area;

2.2         Set up a platform for more in-depth communications among members;

2.3         Prepare policy papers or proposals to relevant authorities or else;

2.4         Launch program or project in line with the Policy Group's aims


Taking the opportunity of the coming Monthly Lunch on 13 Mar (coming Friday), Patrick Tsang, Allen Fung and SK Li will brief about the ideas and arrangement. Interested members are encouraged to join this casual-as-usual lunch and/or any of the focus teams.

SK LI will take charge of the lunch this time. For enquiry, please call SK at 91069072 or myself at 9622 0207.



Date: 13th March

Time: 12:30pm

Venue:     Jubilee Restaurant & Bar

G/F., 12-13 Jubilee Street, Hong Kong.

(close to Heng Seng Bank Headquarters and the Central Market)

Cost of set lunch:      ~$100


C F Wong

Convenor of Policy Group


Policy Group’s Aims:

Policy group aims to build a positive and open platform to enable and enhance our members’ public participation, with a view to making public the voices of middle class, upholding the necessary professionalism for an advanced and diversified society, promoting rational exchange of views, and respecting the interests of the different groups, minorities and underprivileged.  Openness and diversity are the principles for both HKU and HKUGA.


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