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Event   晚餐講座 - 氣候變化 : 從過去至未來
Place   香港華商銀行會 Chinese Banks' Club
Organiser   HKUGA Policy Group

Dates and Times
Dates   2010/05/03
Start time   PM 07:00
Close time   PM 09:30


氣候變化 - 從過去至未來

Climate Change: History, Current and Future

Climate Change has been a very hot topic for scientists, politicians as well as individuals who care about our living environment and our next generation.  

In fact, it has been one of the key issues, if not the most prominent environmental issues, of the international community in recent years.  Many of us might recall seeing appealing pictures like this one.  We might also wonder whether the recent extremely high API (air pollution index) in HK will become a matter of recurrence.



In the next HKUGA dinner talk of 3 May, we have invited Prof. Johnny Chan, a member of the HKU graduates and also a Chair professor of City University, to have a brief sharing with us on this very interesting subject.  In this talk, we will first examine from a global perspective the changes in climate from millions of years ago to the last few hundred years, and then to the current conditions, and finally discuss what we may expect from climate model simulations.  We will then focus on what changes have occurred and we expect may happen for certain weather phenomena that affect Asia such as typhoons, floods and low temperatures.

It would be an interesting session for 'layman' rather than a presentation for scientists and engineers.  Please come and join us!

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 Event Details:

 Date:  3rd May (Monday)

Time:  7:00pm to 9:30pm

Fee:  HKD220 for member and HKD250 for non-member (dinner included)

Venue:  香港華商銀行會  Chinese Banks' Club,

Address: 中環咸雲街華南大廈五樓 5/F South China Building, Wyndham Street, Central, HK


9622 0207 (WONG Chuen-fai) or

9106 9072 (LI Siu-kei)



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Brief Biography of Guest Speaker:

Professor Johnny Chan started his career as an Adjunct Research Professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School. Afterwards, he joined the then Royal Observatory Hong Kong as a Scientific Officer before becoming a Senior Lecturer at the then City Polytechnic of Hong Kong in 1989. He has since then been with the institution (now the City University of Hong Kong), where he is now Chair Professor of Applied Physics (Atmospheric Science) and Dean of the School of Energy and Environment, as well as the Director of the Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre. Between 2002 and 2008, he was also the Director of the Shanghai Typhoon Institute of the China Meteorological Administration.

Prof. Chan is internationally renowned in the research areas of typhoons and monsoons. Recently, he has been working on the problem of global warming and typhoon activity relationships, as well as on tropical cyclone and monsoon climate. He has published over 130 international journal articles and given more than 200 invited talks and conference papers. According to the Essential Science Indicators, he ranks the top in the number of SCI-listed journal articles related to tropical cyclones, and is the ninth most-cited author in this field during the 1996-2006 period.

        Prof. Chan is currently a member of the Tropical Meteorology Research Working Group and the Expert Team on Climate Impacts on Tropical Cyclones of the World Meteorological Organization. He is also an editor of these journals: International Journal of Climatology, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters and Acta Meteorological Sinica.

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