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General Information
Event   HKUGA Course in JUNE 2010 (TUE Night): Being your own Fund Manager >> Earning extra income through capturing the China / Asia Growth opportunities in the coming 10 Years.
Place   HKUGA premises
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2010/06/08
Start time   PM 07:30
Close time   PM 09:30


HKUGA Course in JUNE 2010 (TUE Night): 

Being your own Fund Manager >> Earning extra income through capturing the China / Asia Growth opportunities in the coming 10 Years.

Riding on case studies to share basic and essential finance knowledge and skills, both analytical and operational, in investing. Equity investment will be used as the primary asset class for illustration purpose and the objective is to equip basic yet solid understandings in equity investing and financial management.

Course Outline (課程大綱)

(Teaching Medium: English and Cantonese)

Ø  What is a Business? (什麼是生意?)

Ø  Time Value of Money (時間值)

Ø  Cash Flow (現金流)

Ø  Two Perspectives (兩個價值的觀念): Present Value (現在值) and Future Value (未來值)

Ø  Company Analysis vs Macro Analysis (公司與宏觀分析)

Ø  Inflation (通貨膨脹)

Ø  Timeline and Net Present Value (NPV) Analysis (現金收益淨值)

Ø  Investment Cash Flow Profile (投資現金流)

Ø  Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Ø  Risk Management (風險管理)

Ø  Risk-Return Relationship (估計回報與風險)

Ø  Valuation Methodologies (估值方法)

Ø  Book Value (賬面值), Market Value (市值), Intrinsic / Economic Value (內涵值) and Liquidation Value (清算值)

Ø  Introduction of Equity Valuation (股票估值)

Ø  Dividend Valuation Model (股息為本方法), Asset Based (資產為本) Valuation Model, Earnings Based (盈利為本) Valuation Model, Free Cash Flow Based (自由現金流為本) Valuation Model

Ø  Basic Financial Ratios

Ø  The Post Financial Tsunami Era (後海嘯投資環境)

Ø  How to Gauge Fund Flow (如何看見資金轉向)

Ø  Common Mistakes in the Market


Three (3) lessons in 8-22 JUNE 2010 in Tuesdays

Lesson1:  8 JUNE 2010 (TUE)

Lesson2:  15 JUNE 2010 (TUE)

Lesson3:  22 JUNE 2010 (TUE)


Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

VenueHKUGA Premises

Address: 香港灣仔駱克道271號揭陽大廈17(灣仔地鐵站駱克道出口,史釗域道世紀酒店側)



(Member) HKD850 (Non-Member) – HKD950



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Honorable Instructor: Mr. Ronnie Cheung

Ø  The founder of Neighborhood Investment Limited, a dedicated investment vehicle on Christian and Responsible investing through active management; also the founder of Companion Academy Limited, a specialized training and research institute

Ø  With over 15 years experiences in investment management as well as mergers and acquisitions in the Asia Pacific region

Ø  Previously a fund manager with Nomura Asset Management Hong Kong

Ø  Facilitated the launch and managed the first single China absolute-return mutual fund listed in Zurich, Switzerland, creating annualized compound return over 38% during his tenure, outperforming the MSCI China Index with lower volatility.

Ø  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Fellow Member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA)

Ø  An author of The Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (信報財經月刊) on Investor Education


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