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Event   HKUGA Dinner Talk- The Future of European Economy by Dr. Agatha Fraser(黃淑儀博士)- (14 JUNE 2010)
Place   銅鑼灣皇室堡大廈五字樓迎囍大酒樓(稻香集團)
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2010/06/14
Start time   PM 07:15
Close time   PM 09:30


HKUGA Dinner Talk-  The Future of European Economy

by Dr. Agatha Fraser(黃淑儀博士)- (14 JUNE 2010)

European Debt Crisis –

Why? How? What?


Many are caught by surprise and fearful of the latest events happening in the Euro zone. How could the Greek people demonstrate on the street while they have lived beyond their means for so long? Why is it that the European Parliament did not see the financial crisis looming when national expenditures are far out stripping national GDPs in countries such as Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain (the PIIGS)? Are these financial crises just storms in a tea cup and will not have much impact on Hong Kong economy? Or are they just the beginning of long decline?


Honorable Speaker:

Dr. Agatha Fraser

日期: 六月十四號(星期一)

時間:7:15pm – 9:30pm


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>Non-Member – HKD350

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Why? How? What?

Ø Defining the European Economy Parameters

Ø Living Dangerously in the European Zone

Ø Impact of Doing Business with Europe over the Next 3 Years

Ø Together the Euro Stands and Stand It Will

Ø The Future of the European Economy – Role of Germany and France  

Ø The Unwelcome Intruder of the British Economy

Dr. Agatha Fraser黃淑儀博士簡介




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