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General Information
Event   Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Historical Trail in Hawaii and Study Tour
Place   Hawaii
Organiser   HKUGA

Dates and Times
Dates   2011/07/30
Start time   AM 09:00
Close time   PM 11:59


Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Historical Trail in Hawaii and Study Tour


To celebrate the centenary of the Chinese revolution and that of the University of Hong KongHKUGA is organising a tour to retrace the footsteps of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Hawaii.  Dr. Sun led the revolution to overthrow the feudal imperial monarchy in China in 1911, the same year HKU was founded.  Dr. Sun was among the first graduates of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, which is the predecessor of the HKU Faculty of Medicine.  The Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Historial Trail to commemorate the life of Dr. Sun in Hong Kong starts at the HKU.


HKUGA would like to invite alumni to take this study tour to Hawaii, which is the other place which has a key impact on the life of Dr. Sun.  Dr. Sun first went to Honolulu in 1878, where he studied in Iolani School and Oahu College, the predecessor of Punahou School.  We shall visit both of these schools in the tour.  We shall also visit the site where Dr. Sun held the inauguration meeting of Hsing Chung Hui in Honolulu, among other historical sites.  Think of stepping on the same place where 116 years ago Dr. Sun's first revolutionary organisation for the Chinese revolution started. 


Other than Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Historical Trail in Hawaii, the study tour will take alumni, families and friends to some unique places of interest, which include an active volcano, dolphin and turtle habitats, Pearl Harbor, the Pacific Tsunami Museum and the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, with ample time to savour Hawaii's unique natural beauty and diverse culture.   


At the end of the tour, you will be challenged with the thought whether any characteristics of Hawaii could have sparked Dr. Sun's revolutionary ideas over one hundred and thirty years ago, and whether such characteristics might still intrigue visitors today.


Briefing Session (7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Thursday 19 May, 2011)


Tour Itinerary

Application Form  


This study tour is designed by:

Ian Chu

· Vice President, Internal Affairs, of HKUGA

· B Sc (HKU)

· MBA (Hawaii)

· Hawaiian Destination Specialist



Mr. Ian Chu    (9079 0460;

Mr. John Tso  (9031 5788;

Mr. Joe Tong  (9285 5042;

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