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General Information
Event   Scout 229 recruitment: “Looking for physical, intellectual, social and spiritual training for your children?”
Place   HKUGA College
Organiser   HKUGA, Scout 229

Dates and Times
Dates   2013/07/06
Start time   PM 02:00
Close time   PM 06:00


Scout 229 recruitment:  Looking for physical, intellectual, social and spiritual training for your children ?


The 229HKG Scout Troop, established by HKUGA 25 years ago, will have their annual recruitment held on 6 July 2013 (2:00-6:00pm) at HKUGA College.  Children of age 3.5 up are welcome.


Scouting is more than acquiring camping crafts.  At 229HKG, scouts learn and practise people networking and project management skills when participating in training, competitions and local/overseas scout camps.  Last year, 229HKG won a number of competitions and sent 6 scouts to the International Jamboree in Scotland.  Through the ‘Badge’ system, scouts are self-motivated to set and achieve their own targets. 229HKG is the 1st Parent scout group in HK.  Hence, parents are role models for their children.  Parents are most encouraged to serve the group as scout leaders or active helpers.


We serve our community in many ways.  Last yearm our Clubs and Grasshopper were invited by Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses' Association to promote hand hygiene to the public.  Please visit .  Should you wish to know the details of the event.


Please visit should you wish to learn more about the group.


Please follow the application procedure at if you/your children are interested in joining the group.  Application deadline is 2 July 2013.




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