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Event   分享會: 吾土吾文 國土國樹(英語講座)--- 外國人談中國香港
Place   香港灣仔駱克道271號揭陽大廈17樓
Organiser   香港大學畢業同學會-中華文化推廣委員會

Dates and Times
Dates   2013/06/20
Start time   PM 06:45
Close time   PM 08:30


六月份大題目討論會通知 (2013 06 20)

吾土吾文  國土國樹(英語講座)

------ 外國人談中國香港

Nature is the foundation upon which Chinese culture is built. The native philosophy of ancient China, Tao, which Lao Tzu stuck closely to was a form of nature worship. According to the earliest Taoist texts, when human nature is aligned with the rest of nature, order and harmony are the result.  From this perspective, the purpose of self-cultivation is to return to a mode of existence that is natural, but has been obscured by social conditioning. On a more tangible level, what would Chinese culture be, for example, without the peach, the kumquat and the five-generation fruit tree to celebrate the Spring Festival? Similarly, without the mulberry tree, there would be no silkworm and without the silkworm, there would be no silk with which to weave beautiful clothes.

The natural environment in China and that in Hong Kong are indeed in a state of crisis. The HKSAR government persists to plant foreign trees instead of local trees so that native species are endangered for the basic break of food chain. As a result, being Hong Kong residents, what we can see is the green wash and what we can experience is just the silent forest. Gone with the wrong plants are various butterflies, beetles ……. Furthermore, the natural environment is the root of Chinese culture and it is just like a tree which will die without its roots.

Mr. Paul Melsom has been growing about two thousand local trees for more than a decade in Hong Kong. His project sets a good example for the government to reconsider the tree plantation policy. We are glad to have him to be our guest speaker of the seminar in June. Please note that it will be conducted in English.  


日期 : 20130620 (星期四)

時間 : 下午645集合,下午7時正開始,830分完結,會後到附近榮華酒樓晚膳,歡迎參加

地點 : 香港大學畢業同學會會址

地址 : 香港灣仔駱克道271號揭陽大廈17(灣仔地鐵站駱克道出口,史釗域道世紀酒店側)


講者 :   Mr. Paul Melsome 
費用 : 全免(如用晚膳則自費)

網上登記 : 請按此登記或 回覆至本會秘書處(電郵名額有限,報名從速)

如有查詢,歡迎致電 2891 0735 (Jessica)9656 4241 (區耀先生)




Paul Melsom is a horticulturalist and Eco-Educator based in Hong Kong.
He is concerned about the health of the indigenous Hong Kong landscape and plants native trees in a project on Lantau Island. He teaches practical Eco-education in schools which includes helping children to grow their own plants from seeds, landscaping schools, organic growing, compost food recycling and to appreciate the benefits of local biodiversity.
He is also campaigning for the safer use of pesticides used in schools and ultimately would like to see pesticide free schools. 

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