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General Information
Event   [External Event] OnSummit Startup Pitch Day @ HKU
Place   The University of Hong Kong
Organiser   HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club

Dates and Times
Dates   2015/08/22
Start time   PM 01:00
Close time   PM 05:30


The HKUAEC Patron Program (6 month growth program collaborating with Cyberport & Microsoft)

August 22, 2015 (Saturday)

Startup Pitch Day at HKU (1:00 pm)

 Mentor & Patron Banquet at Cyberport (7:00 pm)


HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club is hosting a dinner banquet on Aug 22 to celebrate the success of 10 HKU alumni startups and the launch of the OnSummit startup program. Together with HKU Graduates Association, HKUAEC invite you to join the inaugural Patron Program, to connect your experience with the entrepreneurial minds of HKU alumni; at the same time supporting the development of HKUAEC's entrepreneurship programs.


As a Patron, you can mentor and impact HKU startups from a sector and background of your choice. HKUAEC will pair you up with one of 30 HKU startups in our OnSummit program. Share your feedback and experience, and guide young entrepreneurs through their leadership journey. Choose from fintech, social enterprise, edutech, sharing economy and social networking.

Aug 22 Startup Pitch Day @ HKU

It's a program by HKUAEC exclusively for HKU student and alumni startups, pooling resources for them to succeed. Aug 22 is the Startup Pitch Day held at HKU, where startups will compete to join a 6 month growth program that we're collaborating with Cyberport and Microsoft. Sponsor HKUAEC, and join the banquet at Cyberport in the evening, and meet the startup teams face to face.


For enquiries and/or to reserve a spot, please email

For more information, please visit / on the OnSummit program.


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