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Title   News from our Alam Mater
Update Time   05:37 - 2003/01/08

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Content   Dear Alum,

Many of you must be as shocked as I was, having followed the news
over the weekend on the discovery of human parts in the Tseung Kwan
O landfill site. And I am deeply concerned as there is now reason
to believe that these discovered human parts were originally in the
possession of our Faculty of Medicine.

The Dean of Medicine had immediately briefed me on the situation. I
have been given to understand that this incident was caused by some
negligence in stock taking at the time when the Department of
Anatomy moved from Li Shu Fan Building to the new building. The
body parts were used for student teaching. Since they have been
properly treated, they should not pose any health hazard. We agreed
that whilst the negligence may not pose legal liabilities, the
University should be very concerned about the ethical issues
involved and the apparent lack of respect to those who donated their
body for this purpose.

The Faculty of Medicine called a press conference yesterday to
explain this extremely regrettable incident. I have today appointed
a panel to undertake investigation into the case, so as to provide
the University community and the public at large an accountable
picture of what had happened, and to make recommendations to prevent
any similar incident from happening again. A report is expected
within three months.

The panel with both external and internal members comprises:
Professor Howell Tong, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)
Dr Walton Li, Deputy Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium
and Hospital
Professor Raymond Liang, Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine

Yours sincerely,
Professor Lap-Chee Tsui
The University of Hong Kong

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