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Title   HKU alum SARS victims
Update Time   05:58 - 2003/06/03

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Content   Dear HKUGA Members,

It is sad indeed that 2 more alums just passed away due to SARS. Note the following notice from DAAO, HKU.

> A memorial chamber will be set up at the lobby of the Medical
> Complex (21 Sassoon Road, HK) at 5:00 pm today (2 June) for members of the
> University and the public to pay tribute to our three Medical alums
> Dr James Lau, the first private doctor who died of SARS, Dr Thomas
> Cheung and Dr Cheng Har-yan.

Some HKUGA Exco will go and pay tribute at 7pm this evening (Wed., 3 June).

Frank Won
VP, External Affairs

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