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Title   HKU Convocation Proxy
Update Time   06:03 - 2003/07/07

 Newsletter's Information
Content   Dear Members,

I am running for the Standing Committee of the HKU Convocation this year. As
the President of HKUGA, I aim to foster closer links between HKUGA and HKU
through my participation in Convocation.

Our alma mater is poised for major reforms to reinforce HKU's leadership
position in the higher education in Hong Kong, and support Hong Kong's new
position in China, Asia and the world. To accomplish that role, HKU need
the support of its alumni.

I would therefore request for your support to my nomination by giving me
your proxy. As I would not be able to attend Convocation's AGM on July 11
(Friday) due to business reasons, Mr. Pak Sing Yeung, former President of
HKUGA and current Convocation Standing Committee, had kindly agreed to
collect proxies and manage my votes on my behalf. I would appreciate if you
could sign and send your proxy to Mr. Yeung LATEST BY JULY 9 (Wednesday),
following the process below.

1. Provide your name, graduation year and degrees, plus your HKID card no or
HKU No on the blanks
2. Provide your signature as the 'Appointer' on the bottom right
3. Fax the form back to Mr. PS Yeung's office at 2866-8638
4. 5. Please note that once you have given me/PS Yeung your proxy, you
cannot give your proxy to other Nominees.

Details of the business and election are available on Convocation website:

Thank you and Best regards,
Vivien Pau
President, HKUGA

Attachment   HKUConvocationProxyForm_PSYeung.doc