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Title   Report from HKUGA Political Reform Concern Group
Update Time   06:18 - 2004/10/21

 Newsletter's Information
Content   The HKUGA Political Reform Concern Group "HKUGA-PRCG" has submitted a proposal to the HKSAR Government in response to the invitation from the Governement for proposal to the constitutional reform of HKSAR in their Third Report for Constitutional Development.

On 8 Oct 2004, HKUGA was invited by Donald Tsang, Head of the Government Constitution Development Task Force for a meeting. The meeting was attended by Hon Elsie Leung and Lam Shui Lun, three other government officials and nine members of HKUGA-PRCG. According to Task Force, we are one of the few organisations being invited due to the quality of our proposal.

A press release was sent to six newspapers and three of them phoned and asked for the full proposal.

We are also invited by a conference on HK Constitutional Reform held on November 6 to present our proposal.

A copy is attached in this email. For those who are interested, please take a look. Should you have any questions regarding the proposal, please email to Patrick Tsang at or any of our exco or member of HKUGA-PRCG.

If you want to know more about what is going on, please go to the following site to download Report 3 which is a very informative paper.

As the Constitutional Reform will affect all of us and will be in the top of the Government agenda in the next two years, I would like to invite members of the association to give your opinions or to join our group or other task sub-groups we will form. Please email to UGA indicating your interest."

Patrick Tsang

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