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Title   Pledge to Release Ching Cheong
Update Time   06:20 - 2005/06/09

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Content   Dear HKUGA members,

You all have heard about the news of our alumni, HKUGA member and a respectable journalist, Ching Cheong who was detained by the Chinese Government for over 45 days. The accusation is escalated to espionage. For many of the alumni graduated in and around his years of graduation (1973), this is a shock.

We have launched a signature campaign to the President of PRC testifying the personality, integrity and patriotic act of Ching Cheong to the best of our knowledge. If you share the same view as us, please click to the following link and pledge your support by submitting the reply form as indicated in the hyperlink.

Please also send the link to other HKU graduates or friends whom you feel will support the campaign.

A group of HKUGA members.

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