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Title   HKU "Bricks Campaign" for the Centennial Campus Development Fund
Update Time   08:27 - 2008/09/04

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Dear HKUGA members

In response to HKU “Bricks Campaign” for the Centennial Campus Development Fund, we would like to make a donation of HK$18,000 each and request HKU to install all our bricks in a suitable wall with following inscriptions:

TO HKU, OUR FRIENDSHIP STARTED IN YOUR CAMPUS!  (This is just an example, other proposal of wordings are welcomed).


                                Esther, W F CHAN                                  1976

                                Lup Ping CHOW                                     1974

                                Lucy, Man San KWAN                            1974

                                Leo, K W LOK                                       1976

                                Teresa, L C TONG                                  1976

                                Kai Man WONG                                     1972

                                Rosanna, L K WONG                              1978

                                Rex, Wai Chung WONG                          1978                               

                                Margaret, Man Shiu WONG LEE            1975

                                Pak Sing YEUNG                                    1973               

We write to invite you to join us.  If you are interested, please inform Yeung Pak Sing (, Teresa Tong ( or Man Cheuk Fei (

We will inform DAAO and they will instruct you how to make the donation.

On behalf those members listed above

P S Yeung

Teresa Tong

Cheuk Fei Man

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