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Title   Career Sponsorship Programme
Update Time   11:34 - 2010/07/07

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     Career Sponsorship Programme

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

Recollecting from our own experience, we may be able to recall how difficult the first step on the career path can be.  HKUGA has devised a programme to help students get a foothold in their working life and a glimpse into their future career by providing the opportunity for a meaningful job experience.  In the HKUGA Career Sponsorship Programme, the Sponsor is the key person.  He or she provides financial support for the employment of a grown-up child, a relative, or a mentee, for example, designated by himself or herself.  HKUGA provides formal employment with job duties to develop better services and to organize activities for its members.  The Student Helper is guided by a full-time HKUGA staff.  He or she can learn from a practical working environment and develop their independence and network, such as associating with HKU and alumni.  The basic ideas and arrangements are:


1   Characteristics:

     1.1   Real application and admission process

     1.2   Real environment

     1.3   Real employment

     1.4   Real job

     1.5   Real salary and reference letter


2   Sponsors will have:

     2.1   a right to decide who will be recruited under his / her sponsorship provided the applicants can meet the necessary requirements, including interviews.

     2.2   to pay the sponsorship at least one month in advance – the sponsorship is calculated as the salary payable to the employee plus 20% overhead, subject to a one-month minimum regardless of whether the Student Helper completes the term, including termination of job by the employer.


3   Mininum salary for Student Helpers

     3.1   Secondary school student – HKD5,000 per month

     3.2   Undergraduate student – HKD7,000 per month

     3.3   Graduate / post-graduate student – HKD9,000 per month


4.  Management

     4.1  VP(Internal Affairs) of HKUGA will oversee the management of the Career Sponsorship Programme

     4.2   The HKUGA full-time staff will be the supervisor of Student Helpers employed under the Programme as arranged by VP(Internal Affairs).


If you wish to help a young person you know to get started with his or her career, join the HKUGA Career Sponsorship Programme and be a Sponsor.  Your contribution to their development can last a lifetime. 

To offer a sponsorship, please provide information listed below to our Executive Officer, Joe Tong, at 9285 5042 or and we shall contact you shortly:

-    Name and contact information of Sponsor

-    Name and contact information of Student Helper applicant

-    Duration of sponsorship

-    Monthly salary




Joe Tong   Mobile: 9285 5042  Email :
Ian Chu  Mobile: 9079 0460     Email :    


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