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Title   229 Scout Troop Recruitment
Update Time   03:01 - 2012/06/09

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Dear HKUGA friends,
You do not need to read this if you don't have any children or your children are not aged between 5 to 21.
Do you know that "229th HKG scout troop" ("229") is the first parent-child scout troop in Hong Kong? Today, there are many scout troops of the similar nature.  229 is mainly run by parents who are either UGA or OGA members. Parents' support is critical for children development, particularly those in junior sections aged 3.5-12.   The scout leaders of these sections are mostly parents.
The main difference between 229 and the other parent-child scout troops: Having parents' enthusiastic support and closed links with HKUGA and HKU, we are able to organize a lot of interesting activities (such as Athletic Meets, Swimming Gala, Annual performance and confucious carnival performance,
etc. in the past) in addition to regular scout trainings demanded by the Scout Association of Hong Kong.

A lot of scout members are our 2nd generation who can stay in the troop till 20. 229 offers an excellent platform for kids to learn from yourselves or other HKU alumni.  Through participating various scout functions, you and your kids can meet a lot of HKU alumni families.
If your children are available on Saturday afternoons, if you are willing to contrbute some of your time, either as leaders or helpers,

and if you don't mind travelling to  Nam Fung Road (香港黃竹坑南風道) for our weekly gatherings,
your kid(s) and youself (and your better-half too) are highly recommended to join our big family.
(Wee Wee 3.5-5.5 yrs old, Grasshoppers 5.5-7.5 yrs old, Cubs 7.5-11 yrs old, Scout 11-15 yrs old and Venture > 15)
For more details, please visit:
Enrollment is open now, you can follow the erollment procedure stated on the 229 website for the details.  This year, our recruitment interview will be scheduled on 7 July  at HKUGA College.  You will be advised of the exact date/time in mid-Jun after your application has been reviewed by our responsible scout leaders.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Benny Tam
Group Scout Leader of 229th HKG

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