Chinese Culture Promotion Sub-Committee


The Chinese Culture Promotion Sub-Committee of HKUGA aims to support the cultural activities in the community. It also helps to enhance the arts appreciation and quality of life for the members. As a metropolis, Hong Kong has the unique cross-cultural characteristic that brings the tremendous impact on every one of us. We are unconsciously affected by the different cultural integration of globalism and localism. The fusion greatly reflects on our daily life both in traditional arts and contemporary trends. Also, as the creative industry becomes a more important role in the society, exploration in arts and culture should better be more emphasized nowadays.

Some activities organized by the Sub-committee include:

  • Confucius Carnival
  • Chinese Costumes Parade
  • Chinese Culture Talks
  • Chinese Culture Promotion Nite



This Sub-committee organizes activities to promote Chinese culture.





Convenor: SK Li (9106 9072)
Deputy Convenor: Victor Tsang (9353 5350)