HKU on Coronavirus (Oct 30-Nov 19)


HKU in the news (Oct 30-Nov 19)

Nov 19 HKU microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung thinks the Pfizer vaccine has satisfactory results, with only 2-3% people having 3rd degree side effect (Professor Ho Pak-leung) (link)

Nov 16 HKU microbiologist Professor Yuen kwok-yung suggests the fourth wave could have begun amid the rise in local inflections (Professor Yuen Kwok-yung) (link)

Nov 14 HKU Dean of Medicine suggests HK government to compensate citizens for the time spent for taking COVID-19 test (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)

Nov 12 HKU Professor Leo Poon confirms the similarities between the Hong Kong strain and the one in Nepal and India, which both belonged to the same “family tree” (Professor Leo Poon) (link)

Nov 6 HKUMed Research finds 45% COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic and have lost sense of smell, higher than children patients in Korea and China (link)

Oct 30 HKU project, a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic kit developed by ImmunoDiagnostics Ltd., gets funding approval under the Public Sector Trial Scheme (link)