HKU on Coronavirus (Mar 19 - 25)
HKU in the news (Mar 19 - 25)Mar 25 HKU microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung warns that Hong Kong must introduce a basket of "lockdown-style" measures to force people to keep their distance from each oth...
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HKU on Coronavirus (Mar 12-18)
HKU in the news (Mar 12-18)Mar 18 HKU partners with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to rapidly develop a vaccine candidate against COVID-19 (link)Mar 17 HKU microbiologis...
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HKU on Coronavirus (Mar 5-11)
HKU in the news (Mar 5-11)Mar 11 HKUMed develops rapid test for coronavirus with results within 2 hours and such test is now adopted by over 40 nations (link)Mar 10 HKU microbiologist Professor Yue...
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HKU in the news (Feb 27-Mar 4)
HKU in the news (Feb 27-Mar 4)Mar 4 HKU microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung praises the measures taken in Hong Kong and predicts there may be up to 5pc Wuhan evacuees may be infected (Professor Ho Pak-l...
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Exco Member is appointed as member of the Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance)
Congratulations to Mr. YEUNG Chung-chiu (楊宗潮先生), member of the Executive Committee 2019-20, who is appointed as a member of the Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance) for a term of three y...
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HKU on Coronavirus (Feb 20-26)
HKU in the news (Feb 20-Feb 26)Feb 26 HKU microbiologist Professor Yuen Kwok-yung thinks the decision to ban travelers from South Korea is decisive and correct (Professor Yuen Kwok-yun) (link)Feb 2...
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HKU on Coronavirus (Feb 13-19)
HKU on CoronavirusHKU in the news (Feb 13-Feb 19)Feb 19 HKU microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung comments Diamond Princess became another ‘Amoy Garden’ as infection rate reached 26% on the cr...
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HKU on Coronavirus
HKU on CoronavirusHealth Tips (link)洗手,你洗對了嗎?(link) How to clean our hands properly (link)口罩,你戴對了嗎?(link) How to wear a surgical mask properly (link)自製酒精搓手液 (link)Professor...
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229旅 深資童軍 許恩湲 獲選為 2018 年庋模範童軍
本年度2018至2019,229旅深資童軍許恩湲獲選為2018年庋模範童軍,模範童軍選舉自1987年開始舉辨,讓社會人士認識童軍的優良品格,成為一個培育未來領袖的重要平台。 模範童軍笛選舉在1987年正式誕生。至今共...
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