HKU on Coronavirus (May 22 - Jun 29)


HKU in the news (May 22-Jun 29)

Jun 20 HKU medical research suggests BioNTech offers higher protection compared to Sinovac as it provides a substantially higher level of antibodies (link)  

Jun 18 HKU Engineering cross-disciplinary team develops new sewage surveillance method which can identify COVID-19 variants (link)

Jun 17 HKUMed study finds an inhibitor reduces viral pathogenesis and disease severity of MERS, paving way for treatment of COVID-19 (link)

Jun 12 HKUMed COVID-19 vaccine has successfully completed phase 2 clinical trial and in the process of applying for phase 3 clinical trial (link)

Jun 8 HKUMed study finds vitamin A and aromatherapy resume olfactory of COVID-19 patients (link)

Jun 3 HKU receives HK$20 million funding from the government to develop a nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine (link)

May 25 HKUMed study finds over 90% of children and teenagers contracted COVID-19 through household transmission (Professor Mike Kwan) (link)