HKU on Coronavirus (Jun 30- Aug 4)


HKU in the news (Jun 30-Aug 4)

Aug 3 HKU-developed COVID-19 nasal vaccine might help against variant (Professor Chen Honglin) (link)

Jul 27 HKUMed develops inhaled dry powder formulation of broad-spectrum antiviral against COVID-19 and influenza (Professor Jenny Lam, Professor Yuan Shuofeng) (link)

Jul 17 HKU Professor comments Most healthy Hong Kong residents can skip a third Covid-19 vaccine dose, but those with weaker immune systems may need one, (Professor Lau Chak-sing) (link)

Jul 17 HKU study shows BioNTech vaccines create 10 times more antibodies than Sinovac, while only half of the population will be protected if the city’s vaccination rate is 65% (Professor Ben Cowling) (link)

Jul 13 A 22-member team, led by 3 HKU microbiologist, gets $100 million in grants to look into origins of Covid-19, effectiveness of additional vaccine doses (Professor Yuen Kwok-yung) (link)

Jul 5 Sewage testing technology developed by HKU Engineering team uncovers Delta variant in community sewage in just a few hours (Professor Tong Zhang) (link)

Jul 2 Over 200 adolescents and their parents who received COVID-19 vaccines in HKU research have no adverse effects (Professor Lau Yu-Lung) (link)