HKU on Coronavirus (Jan 28 - Feb 24)


HKU in the news (Jan 28-Feb 24)

Feb 24 HKU monitoring study to assemble 10,000 for 'real time' virus tracking (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)

Feb 23 HKU COVID-19 study finds children with two doses of Sinovac vaccine have about the same protective antibody of adults with three doses of vaccines (Professor Lau Yu-lung) (link)

Feb 23 HKUMed revised the epidemiological projections for the Hong Kong’s fifth wave of COVID-19, projecting 182,900 daily cases by mid-March with 100 deaths daily, reaching a total of 3,200 (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)

Feb 22 Children Community Vaccination Centre at Gleneagles Hong Kong doubles capacity from 1 March (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)

Feb 22 Mainland epidemiological experts visit HKU School of Public Health laboratories (Professor Leo Poon) (link)

Feb 21 HKU microbiology study finds Covid could shrink men's testicles and affect their virility as they recover from the coronavirus (Professor Yuen Kwok-yung) (link)

Feb 17 HKU will set up a Community Vaccination Centre (CVC) at Loke Yew Hall to provide 2,000 vaccine doses daily (Professor Xiang Zhang) (link)

Feb 11 HKU researchers suggest 'full lockdown’ to save the city from 1,000 Covid deaths (Professor Gabriel Leung) (link)

Feb 10 HKUMed study finds half of Syrian hamsters that arrived in Hong Kong on January 7 were positive for COVID-19 (link)

Feb 9 HKUMed study finds Omicron variant enters cells from a different route than other variants (Dr Michael Chan Chi-wai) (link)

Feb 7 Dean of HKU Business School says Hong Kong strict lockdown policy risks its advantageous status as financial hub, and is unfavorable to attracting talents (Professor Cai Hongbin) (link)

Feb 7 Two COVID-19 nasal spray vaccines developed by HKUMed teams will soon enter Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trial respectively (Professor Jin Dong-yan, Professor Ivan Hung Fan-ngai) (link)

Jan 28 HKU COVID study reveals BioNTech vaccinated Omicron patients suffer only mild symptoms (Professor Chen Zhiwei) (link)